Entry #17

February 14th - Still gunning for it!

2014-02-14 10:52:22 by RAYMOND19964

I know I shouldn't talk about this but: I'm still trying my darnest to beat PP:SS (Paper Mario: Sticker Star) with all the stickers in the Sticker Museum, Any help will be accepted here!

And also, for your pleasure you get a:


Since I never did one of those here, sorry if it freaks you out as I'm new to the famous "buttface", I also have a 3DS, so now I can play 8th generation games, I wouldn't want to be left behind in the 7th generation, and the games on the 3DS are outstanding (Sadly, they look more like 7th generation games because of the graphics but it wouldn't hurt!) and I do love the fact that Nintendo was generous enough to add Motion Sensing technology to the 3DS as well, very basic though but still good.

And no, I am not advertising the 3DS,I'm just explaining my opinion on the 3DS, your opinion could be different, so just tell me your opinion and I'll reply accordingly.

(Another statement: I call Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Paper Power: Sticking Star for some odd reason...)


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