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February 14th - Still gunning for it!

2014-02-14 10:52:22 by RAYMOND19964

I know I shouldn't talk about this but: I'm still trying my darnest to beat PP:SS (Paper Mario: Sticker Star) with all the stickers in the Sticker Museum, Any help will be accepted here!

And also, for your pleasure you get a:


Since I never did one of those here, sorry if it freaks you out as I'm new to the famous "buttface", I also have a 3DS, so now I can play 8th generation games, I wouldn't want to be left behind in the 7th generation, and the games on the 3DS are outstanding (Sadly, they look more like 7th generation games because of the graphics but it wouldn't hurt!) and I do love the fact that Nintendo was generous enough to add Motion Sensing technology to the 3DS as well, very basic though but still good.

And no, I am not advertising the 3DS,I'm just explaining my opinion on the 3DS, your opinion could be different, so just tell me your opinion and I'll reply accordingly.

(Another statement: I call Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Paper Power: Sticking Star for some odd reason...)

Brandon is acting sort of odd these days, could anyone try to communicate with him on the Future of Europes wikia?

Cause he is not listening to me, he is simply ignoring my PMs, Could anyone talk to him?

January 30th - Living large

2014-01-30 09:33:56 by RAYMOND19964

Music, music, music.

Why can't I stay away from music you say?

I'm building a new playlist listing my Top 100 Favorite Music Tracks created by the community, You should check it out, you may hear something that you never even listened to, since it will have 100 Audio tracks (When it is finished), you'll have lots of fun enjoying music which I find interesting...Perhaps even enjoyful.

Anyways, I'm getting popular now, as I'm feeling more fame get into me. This will be easy enough to maintain.

Wikia Brawl!

2014-01-29 08:56:00 by RAYMOND19964

Its not common for NewGrounds Users to discuss thier interest spots, I have a serious problem arising in The Future Of Europes Wikia: Ethan Chong, A close associate of "Zukas", has declared war on my Wikia Account (ArceusFan2013) AND my NewGrounds Account (RAYMOND19964), Insulting me by using my name AGAINST myself. Could anyone help me in the wikia? Click the website link on the left, Sign up (Well, Sign in if you already have a Wikia account) then help me out. A person who was on Newgrounds for almost 5 years should definitely get some attention here! My place in NewGrounds is already being threatened by the 6th Wikia War (Since it is associated with my Wikia account as of January 28th, 2014) and could easily throw me off again!

This could be the battle to end all battles!

(Typo fixed)

Infinity, Going 2014.

2014-01-28 14:10:00 by RAYMOND19964

Its been almost forever since I was last here in 2011, I had a time of playing and even some, well, I don't quite remember, so anyway I found out my account was still here, just about dead, and revived it. I won't make the same mistake twice and forget about this account!

A year later

2011-10-05 08:15:27 by RAYMOND19964

Hello. It is me Raymond Allen Francis. i may no longer be a kid but now a Teen. I hope i see you Later in the Future (NOT IT IS THE FUTURE!)

Enjoy new News broadcasts from the good old 15 Year old Raymond A. Francis...Transmission Ended

The thing I do best

2010-06-11 08:07:22 by RAYMOND19964

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The thing I do best ( 2010 )

May video!

2010-05-03 12:49:12 by RAYMOND19964

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W00T! My Bitrthday is almost here! Here is a Video of a Level in SMG ( Super Mario Galaxy ).

Look above.

LOL low battery.
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off-season video

2010-04-14 08:49:34 by RAYMOND19964

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For fun.

Before I go off-season

2010-04-13 07:58:42 by RAYMOND19964

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Funny but violent.

before I Go off-season Here is my final words.

"I luv U ALL"

Video is also here!

Copy this: Luigi's Bad Day

and watch it till you get scared.